All Purpose Cleaner (500ml)

Exterior Interior
Application: Universal cleaning agent for external and internal surfaces (car body surface, plastics, metal parts as well as dashboard, steering wheel. Ideal for cleaning...

Bloody Mary (500ml)

Exterior Wheel Care
Application: Primarily used to decontaminate painted or clear coated surfaces by removing the iron contaminates. Application Method: Shake bottlewell. Spray on the surface and...

Car Shampoo (500ml)

Product Information:Basic Washing allows you to remove all mobile dirt that remains after washing with the Snow Foam. The composition of our car shampoo...

Elite Ceramic V2 (50ml)

Feature Collections Paint Protection Protection
Durability – 3 years Shelf Life – 3 years   Application Use: Product for protection of car body and windshield. The product forms a...

Graphene Elite (50ml) - Self Healing

Feature Collections Paint Protection Protection
  *** FOR CERTIFIED USERS ONLY,  CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INFORMATION *** Product overview: One of the most electrifying materials of recent years is...

Kraken Graphene Elite Plus 7 year paint protection

Paint Protection
This is our latest release when it comes to our Graphene paint protection. This is a fantastic product, primarily just like our very popular...

Leather Coating (200ml)

Application: Protective coating for leather. Active ingredients form a hydrophobic coating that protects against water penetration and dirt ahesion. The coating is fully vapor...

Leather Foam: (500ml)

Application: This product is primarily used to clean and refresh the leathers by removing the dirt and old stains from the leather skin. Application...

Plastic Coating: (200ml)

Exterior Protection
Application: This coating is to renew and protect the plastic surface Application Method:Ensure the surface has been heavily cleaned with all purpose cleaner. Ensure...

Snow Foam (500ml)

Product information:Pre-washing allows removing superficial dirt, dust, road salt and grime which could damage the paint during a direct wash. Our snow foam technology...

Textile Coating (200ml)

Application: The Textile coating is specifically to apply a protective layer over carpet, fabric and convertible roof tops.  Application Method: Ensure surface is dry...

Tyre Coating: (200ml)

Application: An efficient product for protecting and refreshing tyre and rubber elements. The product restores the tire's factory appearance and protects against the harmful...
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