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About Us

Our business is focused on the synthesis of nano-compounds in the form tailored to our partners’ needs and ready-to-use products based on nanotechnology achievements. We base on technologies developed entirely by European scientists. In our work we focus on providing the highest quality using environmentally friendly methods.

We are focused on strengthen our position in the global nanotechnology market by providing highest quality services while maintaining an excellent prices to performance ratio. Being aware of the risks associated with the production of chemicals, we are going to ensure the safety of nano-chemicals and produce them in eco-friendly processes.

We realise that our products are used across the globe and need to perform at the highest regard and we have received some positive feedback from all of the professionals who have been using them in Australia.

From our chemicals we have had created being all at a pH neutral level(s) between 6 and 7, ensuring that while they are very safe to use, they are all very powerful and attend to all your detailing needs.