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Graphene Elite

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Product overview:

One of the most electrifying materials of recent years is graphene. The unprecedented properties of this material and the susceptibility to deep modifications create a wide field of applications for it. The growing knowledge about this material allows us to get closer to the next civilization leap.
Many people are surprised to learn that this innovative material is a variety of carbon (allotrope). The structure of the material is made of hexagonal sections, just like a honeycomb. It is also a flat material, and at the same time durable and flexible at once, and at the same time transparent (with a small number of layers). Hardness exceeds diamond, conductivity surpasses silver, and strength is steel. Simple modifications allow you to completely change the properties of graphene, turning it into an insulator or semiconductor. And now being able to present this fabulous product as a self healing paint protection is the next generation in the paint protection world. Its durability will last at least 5 years. 


Durability – 5 years

Shelf Life – 2 years


Application Use:

Product for protection of car body and windshield. The product forms a coating that generates ceramic coating with incorporated graphene during curing time, giving extremely high hardness (10H in pencil scale) and outstanding resistance to chemicals with anti static effect and super hydrophobic properties. The coating perfectly protects car paint against scratches, significantly enhances gloss, improves the colour depth, and protects against aggressive chemicals, prevents corrosion, and radically reduces the sticking of all types of dirt. Modern technology used in product development combines hardness with flexibility. Thanks to this, the coating is crack resistant and expand together with the car body during hot days.


Application Method:

Shake bottle well. Apply the coating on a thoroughly cleanedand polished, degreased, and drained surface with applicator and immediately (up to 20 seconds, humidity dependant) wipe with microfiber cloth until the streaks are completely removed. Surface area should not exceed 20 x 20 cm at time. Using that method cover whole surface of car body and windshield. Application of the next layer is possible after 2 hours. The coating should not have direct contact with water within 12 hours after finished application. Full activation of coating lasts 12h. Do not leave streaks during application.

Graphene Elite
Graphene Elite Sale price$290.00